Our story: we are growing

BeBright exists for 6 years and is therefore a relatively new and ambitious player in the ‘Dutch consultancy area’. We focus on strengthening innovation and the design of innovation processes. We combine content and process. We connect our knowledge and our networks across markets, sectors and borders in order to achieve collaborative sustainable growth.

How we unleash our bright?

BeBright arose as a response to the need of organisations to transcend boundaries when innovating new markets, new strategies, new marketing and new products and services. In doing so we don’t stop at good ideas; we advise on bringing them to market and internalising the renewal as a whole.

The necessary ingredients for continuous change are: a vision for the future of your industry and your organization and a solid strategy that translates into innovation of your products & services and organization as a whole.

Work @?

We are always on the lookout for new and highly-motivated colleagues with a passion for discovery and the successful realisation of creative ideas. FInd out more

Our books

Our own books and other inspiring stories.

Philip Idenburg

Maartje Baede

Ellis Boerkamp

Lodewijk Buschkens

Vivian Dekkers

Michele Duquesnoy

Bo Fokkes

Arjo Mans

Daniel Mogendorff

Irene Mommers

Karin Rutgers

Romy Smith

Ina Smittenberg

Maurits Verweij

Sanny Zuiderveld

Dionne Beugels

Sjoerd Emonts

Bas Koehorst

Sander Olsthoorn

Michel A. Dutrée

Yldau Walta

Lynette Wijgergangs

Monique Philippens