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Ellis Boerkamp

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About me

I am an enthusiastic connecterwith lots of drive to get to know new worlds and people. I like to spend my free time on travel, good chats with friends and getting a breath of fresh air with the family at our little house down by the sea. I like working with people, reflecting on it and the variety it offers. From an active work conference with managers and staff in a healthcare establishment, where together we work towards an inspiring picture of the future, to the launch of a concrete innovation agenda for a whole region. From a working week
filled with appointments, to an inspiring information evening with my colleagues, at which we work together towards a breakthrough in a client-directed business model for a 
healthcare insurer.  

Experienceand knowledge 

I think being an advisois a superb professionI get a lot of 
y from working together with clients and colleagues in search of genuine underlying questions in an organisation so that afterwards together we can develop the right approach that works in practice. What I bring to the table in all of this is my many years of experience with these kinds of questions, my clear conceptual ability and my eye for human relationships. As partner of BeBright I am growing my 
unique position where people have enough room and the 
 to be able to expand their horizons.  

What makes me proud…

I am proud of BeterOud – a vision of the future and an 
agenda for living, welfare and care for hundreds of elderly people and professionals in a vulnerable position in the 
therlands, as well as the Medical Specialist 2025, supported vision of the future for specialist medical 
care. Together with clients in more than 15 regions in the 
Netherlands I have worked to grow robust, socio-economic 
ns by developing innovation networks with a shared 
ambition and agenda (e.g., Samen Vitaal in de Dommelstreek, 
RvN@, Samen voor de Gezondste Regio) [ Vital Together in the Dommel District, RvN@, Together for the Healthiest Region].  

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