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The first edition of the program Clinical Leadership, started in February 2016, developed by Philip Idenburg (BeBright) and Carina Hilders (iBMG Reinier de Graaf Groep) and aimed at medical specialists. For more information or to register for one of the next editions of the program commissioned by the Academy for Medical Specialists, please go to the website of the Academy for Medical Specialists.

Clinical Leadership

Clinical leadership is more than the physician’s traditional role of natural leader in the care practice. It entails, first of all, personal excellence in the consultation room, operation theatre, delivery room or other clinical and diagnostic settings. By trying to improve one day at a time:
1. In terms of both medical care and communication with patients and their nearest and dearest;
2. By looking at integral care and not just your own part within it;
3. By carefully thinking about appropriate care instead of maximum care;
4. By considering the opportunities and limitations of self-management and informal care;
5. By searching for new ways to shape this, via internet communities or e-health, for example.

But clinical leadership goes much further. It is about leadership within, or over, the entire care process. Clinical leadership means being in control of the entire care process and being able to continuously improve this process, in collaboration with everyone involved. Clinical leadership also requires knowledge of quality improvement.

Clinical leadership means that as the care professional, you take responsibility for and control of the daily care for patients driven by an ambition to continuously improve this care. It is about improving the quality of both medical care and customer satisfaction, while at the same time striving for efficiency and innovation. The meaning and context of clinical leadership are clearly described in the vision document ‘De Medisch Specialist 2015’ (in Dutch).


The Academy for Medical Specialists offers a unique program for all medical specialists and other medical staff of general and academic hospitals, GGZ-organizations and providers of specific care who have the ambition to remain in control of patient care and who want to take up the challenge of making daily improvements in the clinical process.

The program consists of five modules of four half-day sessions:

  • Module 1: Leadership in the field of care
  • Module 2: Quality improvement
  • Module 3: Process improvement
  • Module 4: Sensible care
  • Module 5: Personal effectiveness

The program comprises a series of interactive lectures, discussions about participants’ own cases, analyses of good examples, discussions of participants’ own leadership role using a 360-degree assessment, and practice homework. This will be supported by an interactive, digital knowledge platform. The program is led by MSc Philip J. Idenburg MBA and Prof. Dr. Carina Hilders.

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