Accelerate: get ready for (y)our future

Is your organisation devoting attention to innovation at the strategic level? How innovative is your organisation in reality? Are your leaders among the 50% of senior management unhappy about the yield and tempo of innovation within their organisations? Can your management team achieve your innovation objectives?

Innovative companies have one common characteristic: a properly set-up innovation process with consistent direction. This well-founded innovation process results in a stable stream of new services and products, which are brought to market successfully.

Prepare today, to lead tomorrow.

We do innovation in three steps: scandesign and create. The result is organisations which are ‘ready for the future’, which are ‘in the lead‘, whatever happens. Ultimately, a strategy is only successful if it results in innovation.


Innovation is essential for the continuity and future growth of companies. Our Innovation Phases Model is the basis for integral embedding innovation within an organization. We combine critical strategic analysis with creativity in order to realize innovations that make a difference in the market. 




A structured look both inside and out

Create external focus and foster creativity. We feed the organisation with information and inspiration about the outside world and induce the creation of new ideas, new perspectives and new insights.


From insight to idea to impact

Transform creativity and new insights into detailed, viable ideas and business cases. Using original and structured methods, we collect ideas and make substantiated choices to elaborate some of them further.


Growing and earning money

The emphasis on innovation often lies with creativity and creation. Our experience has shown that the real challenge for many companies is in the commercialization. To earn money with good ideas, the foundation must be good: organizational set-up, market introduction, distribution strategy and marketing campaigns.


Be Bright

Alongside external focus and ‘thinking from the outside in’, successful innovation demands ‘thinking from the inside out’. Often the finest things occur at the interface, where the internal organisation meets the outside world.