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A rapidly changing environment requires adequate response and anticipation. The pressure to make quick decisions and adjustments is increasing. In this context it is important to make well-founded strategic choices, but a strategy is only viable if these choices are substantiated, preferably with data. We assist clients with data-driven decision-making and control. Smart analyses of internal and external data are combined with knowledge of the organisation and market. In this way, we jointly make the desired future vision and strategy a reality. We assist in calculating business models and scenarios. Interpreting and monitoring results and effects helps our clients keep track of progress on strategic goals and adjust in time if necessary.


Regional data analysis

A concrete picture of the regional challenges is an important basis for a future-proof approach to social themes such as healthcare, welfare and housing. We assist organisations and partnerships in creating regional views and translating them into starting points for strategy and realisation.

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Financial and portfolio analysis

The societal challenge in healthcare and the social domain calls for transformation. As a prerequisite, healthcare organisations need to be financially stable, and must additionally review their portfolio and make the shift to new (digital) forms of care and support. We assist organisations in conducting financial and portfolio analyses to arrive at measures and priorities to stay financially healthy, e.g. by making astute choices in the portfolio in line with future demand and the changing (regional) context.

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(Regional) management information

Well-informed monitoring, management and decisions to achieve strategic goals are not always straightforward. We assist organisations and partnerships in setting up (regional) management information and help analyse and monitor the results and effects, thereby promoting data-driven work. Current and usable insights from (regional) data contribute to effective, accessible and affordable care.

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Social business case

The purpose and intended effects of projects, interventions and (social) enterprises often extend beyond just the perspective of their own organisation. We assist clients in determining the economic and social utility for various stakeholders in a social business case, using methods such as social cost-benefit analysis (SCBA) and social return on investment (SROI).

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Based on our trend studies, future explorations and continuous market research, we know the developments of yesterday, today and tomorrow. We always use a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis methods and present our insights in a clear, visually appealing way.