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Dutch society is under pressure, partly due to the double ageing of the population and the associated growing demand for care and support. How do we ensure a good balance between quality of life, economic vitality and continuity, while regional differences are increasingly likely to arise? Whether it’s about healthcare innovation, the real estate challenge or innovation, financial service providers – such as health insurers, banks, pension funds, real estate parties and other investors – make a significant contribution to these transformation challenges and thereby to organising future-proof care and welfare. In cooperation with citizens, businesses, education and researchers, financial service providers thus play an important role in shaping a vital and future-proof society.


Regional collaboration

We talk about the concepts of ‘coalition of the willing’ and ‘ecosystem’ to emphasise the necessity of collaboration over competition. We assist in every phase of collaboration with forming coalitions and creating communities where organisations from healthcare and social domains work together with residents to create a vital region. By bringing together research, vision and practice, we arrive at a shared ambition and an approach that allows administrators, policymakers and implementers to get straight to work. They will then learn from each other and together create space for innovation. We guide vision formation and assist in achieving a concrete implementation and innovation agenda. We help further citizen initiatives.

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Setting up and realising an implementation agenda

From vision and strategy to implementation: we guide vision formation and assist in achieving a concrete implementation and innovation agenda for organisations and partnerships. We help start up related projects and innovations. Using customer and patient journeys, design thinking methodologies or the business model canvas, we dive into the world of customers or patients, then translate this into what it means for service delivery.

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Social business case

The purpose and intended effects of projects, interventions and (social) enterprises often extend beyond just the perspective of their own organisation. We assist clients in determining the economic and social utility for various stakeholders in a social business case, using methods such as social cost-benefit analysis (SCBA) and social return on investment (SROI).

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“The biggest step forward has been that in working with BeBright, the municipality’s pulling role has become a more supportive and facilitating role. And I am happy that based on the vision and shared agenda, we are literally signing signatures and ‘hitting the road together’. Thanks to the commitment of the participating stakeholders and BeBright, the result, achieved in a relatively short time, is very good for the long-term approach.”
– Jan Jenneskens, Municipality of Venray