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A turbulent environment that requires vision, focus, reinvention of your own role and the necessary change capability in order to create added (social) value

Ever since the financial crisis, banks and insurance companies have been busy trying to regain trust. They have to do this in a turbulent environment in which change is about the only constant. Changes in regulation, changes in capital requirements, increasing capital buffers, changing needs of customers, a constant stream of new (ICT) technologies and applications that influence the way in which interaction with customers is shaped, and that affect, for example, the way in which payment transactions take place. They are also dealing with a changing social context that manifests itself in, for example, a decrease in solidarity, the economic situation in which growth is not a given and interest rates continue to be low. It requires banks and insurance companies to look closely at how they can distinguish themselves from their competitors, how they can reduce costs and increase profits, but also how to make their portfolio more focused in order to clean up the balance sheet. However, it is also about renewing the links with society, occupying a natural place out of involvement that leads to added value.

Scenario planning

The construction of external scenarios is an important first step in the development of a future strategy. In our view, the challenge for many professionals is to get a clear picture of the changing society. Because the rate of change of on the outside determines the rate of change on the inside. Scenarios are not a goal in itself, but a tool to verify existing ideas, and to improve the quality of strategic decisions and your organization’s ability to act.

Creating a vision

In times of change, a future-proof and guiding vision gives organizations, networks or sectors something to hold on to. A clear ambition puts a clear dot on the horizon, connects and creates energy. BeBright provides support, expert content and work methods to develop a widely supported vision for your financial services.

Strategy and policy

Increasingly, strategy building takes place in collaboration with relevant stakeholders instead of from behind a desk and behind closed doors. Like the vision, a strategy needs to be understood and supported by the organization. It also needs to identifiable for those around you, and your customers in particular. Therefore, clear and pre-planned internal and external communication is of great importance. The strategy and policy will be translated into concrete change, in collaboration with BeBright.

Innovation management

Continuous renewal is essential to strengthen your market position and to avoid being overtaken by the outside world, becoming indistinguishable from competitors over time and having processes, products and services that add insufficient value. Innovation is more than just a good idea or a concept. Innovation ultimately responds to either an existing need or a future need. Innovation can be incremental, but also radical. An innovation requires commitment and is only a true innovation when it adds value. BeBright provides you with both content and process based support.

Impact measurement

Increasingly often, it’s no longer just about ROI, but also about SROI. BeBright can help to make it possible to measure impact in general and social impact in particular; the so-called Social Return on Investment, of initiatives.

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