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The welfare and well-being of many people in the Netherlands are relatively high, but this is not true for everyone. There are considerable differences between residents and more people are in a vulnerable position. This can concern livelihoods, living situation, health, and the ability to provide and receive care. A strong social foundation is indispensable for people’s happiness in life. The government and other organisations in the social domain have a responsibility to provide individual support where necessary and to strengthen social neighbourhood structures and cohesion in communities. However, the diversity of problems is increasing, not everyone is being reached, and integrated work – across domains and between residents and professional organisations – requires reinforcement. We support municipalities, welfare organisations, and local and regional partnerships in finding real solutions that impact the happiness and positive health of residents and the effectiveness of organisations and governments.


Vision and strategy development

The social domain is constantly in flux, and challenges are mounting. It’s time for astute choices – but how do you make them correctly and carefully? Together with our clients, we develop a future-proof vision and strategy. We create a supported long-term perspective and use clear analyses to provide insight and overview. We advise on difficult decisions and involve people. And we form a team that continues until the result is achieved. An operational approach and an action plan for innovation. Topics such as culture & leadership, collaborations, organisational design, innovation, healthy business operations and project portfolio are addressed.

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Implementation agenda for living & care

Municipalities are in charge of the future-proof design of housing with care and support: a complex task that requires a supported regional vision. We therefore help by bringing together parties from housing, healthcare, welfare and real estate to find solutions. As a starting point, we map out the regional challenges towards 2040. Implementing the solutions requires a structured programme with strong management, which we support. We help you with process management, project leader deployment, need forecasts and housing programming, substantive support, impact analyses, implementation planning and, if necessary, guidance.

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Strengthening partnerships

The solution to increasing and diverse problems doesn’t lie with a single organisation. Collaboration is the key. But collaboration is not always easy and can be time-consuming. With our business and change management perspective, we help form goal-oriented, effective and efficient collaboration. We bring focus and clarity, put the right topics on the agenda, and balance individual and collective interests. Topics such as governance, financing and funding, learning ability and collaboration with residents are discussed.

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Working based on Positive Health

As a partner of the Institute for Positive Health (iPH), we and Visiom BeBright Academy have spent years helping to implement Positive Health in the practice of organisations in healthcare and the social domain. We support the process of broadly embedding Positive Health in the organisation, the network, among employees, clients and caregivers. We work out the concept at all levels in the organisation: from strategy and clear working methods to manageable work processes. In combination with this, we offer appropriate training for employees and managers to have ‘a different conversation’ with employees and clients.

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“The people from BeBright, Philip, Marjolein, and Sander, have provided tremendous support in our strategy trajectory. It was very inspiring to work together with employees and network partners based on future scenarios and personas. This made the future feel very tangible for us. Subsequently, in the organization, we made important decisions on how we want to further strengthen our services and organization. Together with BeBright, we have outlined this in a beautiful, concise strategic agenda. A wonderful conclusion to my work as executive director at Perspectief. This trajectory has made me, as an executive, much more aware of the challenges of aging. How beautiful it is that my next step is now to become the executive director in an organization for housing-care-welfare for the elderly, Foundation Ludgerus in Deventer.”
– Jorinde Klungers, Foundation Ludgerus