How far down the road to renewal and making an impact is your municipality?


In a changing society, government plays an important role. In their own 
particular interplay with important parties, national, regional and local government, express their changing role in providing support for the public, education and entrepreneurs

We help our clients to define their role in society. Crucial to this process is the ability to explore the future and form a vision. These then form the basis 
for a strategy to cover operations, management, innovation and the provision of services.  

The pathways we offer incorporate the knowledge we have built up from 
studying trends and exploring the future. This is how we were able to sketch future scenarios for Gemeenten van de toekomst [future of municipalities] – an assignment from the ministries of BZK [Internal Affairs] and the VNG 
[Association of Municipalities in the Netherlands]
. The way we work focuses 
in on 
co-creation with interested parties in the field and on the clear vision we have when it comes to cooperation.  


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