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If we wish to provide our care systems with a form that is futureproof, a fundamental change is required, namely, a complete transformation. 




Organisations are being challenged to maintain levels of quality, affordability and access in healthcare. Futureproofing our healthcare in addition to technology-driven innovation of already existing healthcare and processes, requires a fundamental change, namely, a transformation.
In many cases, the direction of the journey is already clear, though its realisation is a big challenge.   

To help our clients bring about this transformation we distinguish the
following themes: vision & ambition, leadership, culture, innovation, business models, collaboration and business processes. Constructive
collaboration with all of the stakeholders involved plays a crucial role here. These are the themes we work on for clients such as hospitals, care insurers, branch organisations, VVT = Verpleging, Verzorging en Zorg Thuis [Nursing,
Care and Homecare] organisations and area health boards.   

We initiated the Diagnosis programs and developed them together with
Dutch healthcarelandscape players. In our most recent publication
Diagnose Transformatie [Diagnosis Transformation] we bring together
on and tools for transformation of healthcare. Besides this, amongst others, are the visions of the future we developed such as Medical Specialist 2025, an assignment from Federatie Medische Specialisten and BeterOud [A better way of growing old] an assignment from ZonMw = Zorgonderzoek
NederlandMedische Wetenschappen [Organisation for Health Research and Development in the Netherlands] and the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport. 

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To maintain a high level of healthcare and to benefit from the technological opportunities, we have to arrange care and support so that everyone receives these in the desired way. Health management is key. This means we can provide healthcare that puts the individual at the centre whilst simultaneously achieving a balance between quality, accessibility, affordability and the wellbeing of the caregivers.


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