Innovation and business models

Continuous renewal is essential to strengthen your market position and to avoid being overtaken by the outside world, becoming indistinguishable from competitors over time and having processes, products and services that add insufficient value. Innovation is more than just a good idea or a concept. Innovation ultimately responds to either an existing need or a future need. Innovation can be incremental, but also radical. An innovation requires commitment and is only a true innovation when it adds value. BeBright provides you with both content and process based support.

Innovation requires insight into the changes in the world around us. BeBright will help you map out relevant trends and developments and to look at interesting ideas, concepts and innovative products and services in other sectors. The latter helps widen the perspective and expand your mindset in order to find new or improved solutions. We help you think in terms of possibilities instead of limitations, by conducting web searches or introducing best practices, for example.

Innovation also requires creativity and ways to break out of established patterns. BeBright provides you with various work methods and exercises that serve this purpose. We like to make use of design thinking methods, as they force you to look at solutions in a different way. These methods help you to generate (many) new ideas and to make progress towards concepts.

We help you identify what customers or end users are really looking for, what customers find important, what problems they encounter with existing products and services, and what really adds value. We help you bring the customer profile more sharply into focus and to think about the customer journey.

When working towards concepts of products and services, we help you answer questions such as: what does our product and/or service provide, which problems encountered by the customer does it solve, what does our product or service offer to our customers over ‘competing’ products and services?

Because a product or service also needs to generate value for your organization, next we help you define the business model and the underlying revenue model. This is where renewal takes place too! Moreover, it is an essential step in the selection and decision making process, in business planning and in determining the business case.

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