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There is now broad consensus that we face a major living and healthcare real estate challenge to achieve a livable Netherlands. Providing everyone with a dignified living situation will require the development of vital and caring neighbourhoods. Collaboration is key here: only together with healthcare, welfare and real estate organisations can municipalities set up living environments that are ready for the future, such as advanced nursing homes or homes suitable for all stages of life, possibly with home support. Citizens’ awareness and independence can be increased by a supportive neighbourhood infrastructure.

We assist more than 30 municipalities, healthcare organisations and local and regional partnerships in mapping the challenges, forging coalitions, forming a vision and strategy – and implementing concrete solutions.


Implementation agenda for living & care

Municipalities are in charge of the future-proof design of housing with care and support: a complex task that requires a supported regional vision. We therefore help by bringing together parties from housing, healthcare, welfare and real estate to find solutions. As a starting point, we map out the regional challenges towards 2040. Implementing the solutions requires a structured programme with strong management, which we support. We help you with process management, project leader deployment, need forecasts and housing programming, substantive support, impact analyses, implementation planning and, if necessary, guidance.

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Real estate strategy

The landscape of housing and care is changing drastically. The distinction between intra- and extramural care is becoming less relevant and it is more important how real estate fits in with target groups. Increasingly high demands are placed on existing healthcare real estate, so sustainability and modernisation are needed. We assist long-term care organisations and real estate parties in developing a real estate strategy and future-proof residential care concepts. We analyse future demand and advise on strategic, technical and financial choices to be made. We support with needs analyses, translating strategy into real estate and matching real estate with market needs. Together we make substantiated choices about the programme, portfolio and position of real estate.

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Project development for healthcare real estate

We help clients develop real estate concepts that match your vision and strategy. We translate these into a programme of requirements and, with the architect, into a design for new construction or renovation. We offer solid project management for the realisation.

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We are convinced that vital and caring neighbourhoods are created by connecting local partners in a coalition of the willing. Through inspiring meetings, we help them come to a joint vision and action plan – to then get to work with a coalition of the doing on the challenges of living and care. We support this with our expertise in vision and strategy, real estate, living environments, elderly care, and programme and project management for spatial solutions. For example, we are guiding the Living and Care 2040 project for the 25 municipalities in the province of Utrecht, and developing residential care visions for various municipalities across the Netherlands. Our knowledge and insights in the application of technology in and around the home and our expertise in living environment needs for people with dementia enable us to help create future-proof and caring living environments.




BeBright played an indispensable role in the crucial steps we took toward the realization of Living Group Afghan Elders. And this has resulted in the letter of intent we now have. Their professional insights and practical guidance were essential in getting us to where we are today. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and working together to build a sustainable and inclusive housing community for Afghan elders. Their expertise and hands-on approach will have a lasting impact on our initiative.”
Tuba Sahar, Housing Community for Afghan Elders