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Building a Caring community: homecare is the future

Demand for support, care and treatment will increase in the coming years as a result of a growing number of (vulnerable) elderly people and patients with a chronic disease. The number of people over 65 rose from 800,000 in 1950, to more than 2.9 million in 2015. This figure will further rise to 4.1 million by 2030. As a result, there will also be a growing number of elderly people with chronic disease and/or age-related health problems. At the same time, the lives of people with a (chronic) disease are not defined by limitations or dependency. Due to increased treatment options and technology in daily life, but also because of a higher level of knowledge and education, the elderly people of the future are very different from those in previous decades. A final important trend is that the proportion of elderly people who are feeling lonely is growing exponentially.

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These developments underpin a major transformation of the way in which the Netherlands will provide its elderly citizens with support, care and treatment at a time when they are vulnerable. From care home to homecare. Types of care and support that make it possible for people to grow old in familiar surroundings. More complex care can be provided at home. Delivered by organizations that respond to change quickly and in customer-oriented fashion, with just a fraction of the usual overhead costs. This often goes hand in hand with new types of ownership in which clients and their relatives bear responsibilities. For example in care cooperatives, but also in existing organizations.

BeBright helps organizations to make this transition. Starting with an analysis of the future, the opportunities and challenges, for example through the construction of scenarios. Together with inhabitants, clients, family members, experts by experience and members of staff we explore innovations, new revenue models, and other organizational forms. For real estate that has lost its function, we find new uses. This is how we build a caring community in which homecare replaces the care home. The image below reflects this community.

leefwereld ouderenThe image and the many elements it contains are explained in the article (in Dutch) Diagnose 2030 over de toekomst van de verpleegthuiszorg. If you would like to find out more about impactful trends and innovations, please contact us.

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