Mental healthcare (GGZ)


GGZ mental healthcare is dealing with many changes in tasks and responsibilities. Municipalities are given more responsibilities and the general Basic GGZ and the Specialized GGZ have been introduced. These changes affect not only the organization and financing of mental healthcare, but also the accessibility, demands on quality and procedures.

The use of care is developing too. People go to their GP more often with, for example, symptoms of depression. But more complex problems also occur more frequently as a result of an accumulation of care needs. Patients receive care closer to home more often and efforts are made to provide less invasive treatment. GGZ is therefore faced with the difficult task of responding to these developments while accomplishing reforms at the same time.

Society demands from GGZ-organizations that they deliver client-oriented as well as efficient care. It is important that patient care is combined with appropriate support in the areas of work and housing. Close involvement of the client’s social network is indispensable in this.

To deliver the value that society demands from GGZ, enterprising and driven GGZ-organizations are needed. These will face the future with a clear vision and strategy in order to (continue to) deliver value in a greatly changing environment.

BeBright helps to develop these driven, future-proof GGZ-organizations.

BeBright is an expert in the area of vision and strategy development with a distinctive capability to translate analysis into vision, strategy and concrete actions. For each organization we use a unique approach that is based on – among other things – a portfolio analysis and a social impact analysis.


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