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The current labour market is challenging, laws and regulations are becoming more complex, and the number of clients with mental healthcare needs is increasing. This pressure on mental health organisations not only results in long waiting times and fragmented treatments but also increasingly leads to frustration among employees. Organisations face the challenge of innovatively structuring their organisation and care through regional collaboration. We are here to support and guide you in developing a clear direction, implementing changes and promoting regional collaboration.


Vision and strategy

Mental healthcare is facing ever greater challenges. It is time to make decisive choices. Together with our clients, we develop the right vision and strategy – always with a hands-on, action-oriented approach. We advise on difficult decision-making and involve employees, executives and management. Together, we translate the strategy into a practical approach and draw up a concrete multi-year plan. Topics such as portfolio choices, healthy business operations, culture & leadership, collaborations, organisational structure and innovation are addressed. To support the management, we develop a method with them to steer the strategic initiatives.

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Regional collaboration

Regional collaboration offers opportunities to tackle complex issues within mental healthcare. However, putting the principle ‘We need to tackle this regionally’ into practice is easier said than done. We help establish coalitions, develop and implement regional transformation plans, and find solutions for regional challenges. Together we develop a practical approach, paying attention to the specific needs of each organisation. We turn wild ideas or urgent questions into workable solutions, provide advice on design and structure, and guide (management) teams in entering (new forms of) collaboration. Our approach is customised, tailored to the specific areas where expertise is needed.

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Change capacity in mental healthcare

Achieving successful change in mental healthcare is a challenging task. We offer concrete support in executing and implementing your vision and/or strategy, with a focus on activating behavioural change within the organisation, among employees and clients. In collaboration, we aim for an effective change strategy and develop more efficient processes for clients and employees. We deploy our experienced project and programme managers to achieve the goals of these implementation projects.

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Working based on Positive Health

As a partner of the Institute for Positive Health (iPH), we and Visiom BeBright Academy have spent years helping to implement Positive Health in the practice of organisations in healthcare and the social domain. We support the process of broadly embedding Positive Health in the organisation, the network, among employees, clients and caregivers. We work out the concept at all levels in the organisation: from strategy and clear working methods to manageable work processes. In combination with this, we offer appropriate training for employees and managers to have ‘a different conversation’ with employees and clients.

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