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The demand for care is growing faster than the supply. Long-term care organisations face the challenge of maintaining the quality, affordability and accessibility of care. Future-proof care requires transformation – not just increasing innovation, but a fundamentally different view and approach while remaining operational. In financially challenging times, this calls for focus and choices, collaboration and investment in people and innovation: to provide appropriate support and care in the region, together with clients and their environment, at the right place and with a broad view of health.

We prepare our clients for the future and help put change into practice. We are the initiator of Growing Older 2040: a future exploration and transformation agenda for an ageing society. With this latest knowledge, we help clients direct and accelerate innovation.


Strategy and portfolio choices

We help long-term care organisations attain a future-proof direction. This increasingly requires a good balance between short-term business continuity and long-term care transformation and renewal. In our strategy projects, we combine thorough internal and external analyses with a supported approach. These analyses result in a clear and supported vision and strategy, so that employees understand what the social changes require from healthcare, their organisation and them. Part of a future-oriented strategy is the vision of the service, portfolio choices and development, regional collaboration, modern employer practices, digitalisation & innovation, and organisational structure and processes.

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Regional collaboration, mergers and acquisitions

Collaboration between organisations is necessary for the continuity of care. But cooperation in any form is complex: it requires organisations to look beyond their individual identity and short-term interests. We help healthcare organisations reach a good assessment, based on a shared picture of the social challenge, of which form of collaboration serves long-term continuity and goals. We pay attention not just to the tip of the iceberg (strategy and organisation based on joint regional goals) but also everything that lies beneath (the significance of culture, interests, human perception and interpersonal relationships).

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Real estate strategy and portfolio

The landscape of housing and care is changing drastically. Besides a large shortage of (lifecycle-resistant) housing, increasingly high demands are being placed on the sustainability of existing healthcare real estate. It is becoming increasingly important to properly align real estate with target groups. We help long-term care organisations and real estate parties develop future-proof real estate strategies and residential care concepts. We analyse future demand and advise on strategic, technical and financial choices. Our experienced project leaders also help clients bring plans to fruition.

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Sustainable employability & modern employment practices

Strengthening, expanding and improving human capital is essential for success in times of change. Call it job satisfaction or happiness at work, all organisations realise that attention to employees is crucial. We guide organisations in developing and implementing impactful programmes for good employment practices and greater happiness at work for all their people, combined with good overall results. Our knowledge and expertise lie at the intersection of strategy, leadership, change management and organisational psychology. Modern employment practices contribute to remaining an attractive employer in the competition for scarce personnel, lowering staff turnover and increasing availability (reducing absence due to sickness), thereby reducing dependence on external hiring.

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We help long-term care organisations implement complex programmes and innovations. In this way, we work with our clients to achieve the Integral Care Agreement goals in a wide range of projects and co-write applications for transition funds. Together, we give substance to the Living at Home Longer movement by implementing the Complete Home Package and technological applications. Our project leaders have solid knowledge of and experience in healthcare and put change into practice with their hands-on mentality.

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Complete Home Package

In the movement towards Living at Home Longer, more and more long-term care organisations are choosing to offer their services through the Complete Home Package. Not just the same old thing under a new name, but rather to make the service future-proof. We support healthcare providers in implementing and scaling this, with financial profitability for the organisation and social impact going hand in hand. From shaping the service concept with the underlying vision and business case and creating a clear approach for implementation and scaling, to embedding the new way of working in the culture and processes. We support our clients as project leaders and programme managers, among other roles.

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“BeBright helped Brentano turn social challenges and threats into concrete plans for the future. Through playful and substantive forms of work, we succeeded in getting people on board; also in the theoretical perspectives on people and development. It is all about investing in people, working together and daring to think and act differently”.
– Jaap Kappert, Brentano


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