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patient journey

Patient-oriented organizational culture at the basis of future-oriented care

The importance of a patient-centred approach is underlined by an increasing number of organizations in the social domain. The wishes of citizens, patients or clients form the basis for targeted developments to warrant and improve the quality of public services and to make them future-proof. In order to make sure that citizens, patients or clients are indeed the central focus, their wishes need to be mapped out. But how do you go about this?

Many organizations measure patient satisfaction. However, this is usually measured at a single moment in time, while the experience of the patient or the client starts much earlier and ends much later. In the travel industry, the so-called client journey starts for example with dreaming about your trip and booking your ticket, and ends when looking back at the holiday pictures, weeks after returning home. All of these phases require a different supply of services and products. A patient journey also consists of several phases: from not feeling very well and a first visit to the GP, until the final follow-up appointment after treatment. In every phase, wants and needs in terms of support can vary widely. Insight in the patient journey and the various moments of interaction offers possibilities to truly respond to the wishes of the patient or client and to adapt care or services to their needs.

Innovative & patient-oriented organizational culture by using MROCs

There are a number of tools available to map the patient journey. A Market Research Online Community (MROC) is one of them. It gives patients and clients the opportunity to provide feedback throughout the care process via an online community. This helps the care provider and/or organization gain insight as to where the care provided can be improved. Deep and thorough, yet structured conversations with patients are a great catalyst for renewal and innovation. Gained insights form the basis for an innovative and patient-oriented organizational culture.

What are the benefits?

  • An innovation-oriented and client-oriented organizational culture
  • Continuous feedback on the quality of your organization
  • A basis for continuous innovation with citizens, patients or clients as the starting point

Due to our extensive and thorough knowledge of public domain, BeBright can help organizations get a clear picture of the needs of their clients and to optimize the client or patient journey.



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