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People make an organisation. We believe that happy and resilient employees contribute greatly to the success of an organisation. In fact, maintaining workforce size and quality and sustainable employability will be the most important strategic challenges for every manager in healthcare and the social domain in the coming years! Based on our expertise in People & Development, we achieve a sustainable impact by putting people at the centre of change – always integrally and in close connection with the broad organisational vision or strategy. This way, what we do adds up and people are set into lasting motion.

In our approach, we use insights from positive psychology and change management. By focusing on the competencies and needs of employees and managers, we create behavioural change and ensure that people look forward to the future. Proven interventions and a solid substantive foundation form the basis. Listening to people in every part of the organisation and creating together ensures that we develop and implement programmes that work.


Modern employment practices

Strengthening, enlarging and improving human capital is an important prerequisite for success in times of change. Call it job satisfaction or happiness at work, all organisations realise that attention to employees is crucial: to retain them, to strengthen their resilience and resistance, and to increase the organisation’s attractiveness to new employees. We guide organisations in developing and implementing impactful programmes for good employment practices and greater happiness at work for people in all parts of the organisation, combined with good overall results. Our knowledge and expertise lie at the intersection of strategy, leadership, change management and organisational psychology.

Modern employment practices contribute to remaining an attractive employer in the competition for scarce personnel. They also help lower staff turnover and increase availability (reducing absence due to sickness), thereby reducing dependence on external hiring.

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Organisational change, culture & leadership

Organisations are continuously adapting to complex, changing circumstances. This requires pioneers, courageous leaders and teams: people who respond to changes based on a shared vision and improve their organisation’s performance. This involves creating a new reality, mobilising energy and urgency, learning new behaviour and letting go of old patterns, beliefs and methods.

We help with the human side of change. With our expertise in strategy, change management and behavioural change, we assist our clients with organisational change processes. Think, for example, of an organisation that seeks a balance between short-term survival and longer-term transformation. We guide leaders, professionals and teams, connecting people in all parts of the organisation. We assist with cultural issues, even when things get tricky. The result of our long-term approach is sustainable change and effective leadership to successfully guide organisations through change.

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Lifelong development

Organisations and employees face the challenge of finding new and different ways of working in a rapidly changing environment. They must be agile and maintain a clear identity in order to add value. This requires training that gets to the heart of the matter and lets people at all levels in the organisation take steps in behavioural change together. Together with the Visiom BeBright Academy, we translate the desired transformation of the organisation into in-company training programmes for employees and managers. These focus both on employees’ resilience and personal leadership and on developing person-centred and effective guidance of the client.

We offer training courses with open registration in (personal) leadership, person-oriented working, coaching and interviewing, lifestyle, Positive Health, vitality and job satisfaction; we can also organise these as in-company training within your organisation, jointly establishing which dates and which trainer are the best fit.

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Working based on Positive Health

As a partner of the Institute for Positive Health (iPH), we and Visiom BeBright Academy have spent years helping to implement Positive Health in the practice of organisations in healthcare and the social domain. We support the process of broadly embedding Positive Health in the organisation, the network, among employees, clients and caregivers. We work out the concept at all levels in the organisation: from strategy and clear working methods to manageable work processes. In combination with this, we offer appropriate training for employees and managers to have ‘a different conversation’ with employees and clients.

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As a concept and definition of the quality of care, Positive Health has become indispensable in Dutch healthcare. Everyone considers good health a precious possession, but its meaning differs from person to person. Positive Health is based on this idea. With Positive Health, the focus is not on illness and defects but on people themselves: what makes their lives meaningful and where their resilience can be strengthened. Broadly looking at all dimensions of health, stimulating self-management and focusing on existing health, Machteld Huber established Positive Health. Working with Positive Health contributes to achieving appropriate care, stimulating self-reliance and personal control among clients, and the happiness at work of employees in the organisation. This way, care and support align with people, instead of the other way around.


“Tijdens de werkvormen die BeBright ons heeft aangeboden gingen we echt de verdieping in, persoonlijk maar ook met elkaar als team. Er ontstond veel verbinding op die momenten. Het vuur voor Positieve Gezondheid is echt aangewakkerd in die sessies. Het heeft ons in het managementteam inzicht gegeven in hoe we het kunnen doen. De losse onderdelen van onze dienstverlening worden nu verrijkt door een paraplu van Positieve Gezondheid”
– Ad van Rijen, directeur-bestuurder, WijZijn Traverse Groep


“BeBright helped Brentano turn social challenges and threats into concrete plans for the future. Through playful and substantive forms of work, we succeeded in getting people on board; also in the theoretical perspectives on people and development. It is all about investing in people, working together and daring to think and act differently”.
– Jaap Kappert, Brentano


“Careyn asked BeBright to develop an organization-wide program in which we work with Careyn employees to make working easier, healthier and more fun. Thus, in April 2022, the program Jij op 1 was launched. The result? You on 1 has brought about several positive changes within the organization: A recognizable, sustainable program that is secured within the organization. Insight into what employees find important in terms of happiness at work. An integral vision and ideas about happiness at work, supported by a large group of ambassadors. Increased awareness, increased dialogue on important work happiness topics. Increased knowledge, skills and availability of tools for local teams on working on work happiness and positive health.”
– Arjo Hoogwerf, directeur Careyn ZHE en programmaleider Jij op 1