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Farma & Life sciences

Technological developments in care lead to increased pressure on 
accessibility. The costs associated with such i
affect the
relationships between all the interested parties in the field. Questions arise as to integrated care and cooperation. These concentrate around disorders with the highest burden of disease such as diabetes, cancer and COPD.   

Along with others, we help pharmacists, diagnostic and treatment centres, laboratories and hospitals to realise solutions and cooperative working arrangements that are futureproof. Together with parties working in the field, we develop a vision and strategy for diagnostics and treatment. In 
n, we take 
concrete steps towards realising and speeding up 
innovations in the areas of biochemistry and technology and the impact 
they have on society and everyday life.   

Medical and commercial approaches meet in our way of working and combine to form the basis for transition from research to practical solutions. Our clear dialogue puts people in touch with one another from both inside and outside various agencies without losing sight of the individual, the organisation and society at large.  

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