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The number of people with obesity and chronic conditions is increasing, as are the avoidable differences in health between population groups. This impacts people’s happiness and resilience, the vitality of organisations, and society in terms of (healthcare) costs, labour potential and societal divides. There is a growing awareness of the importance of reversing these trends and investing more in prevention.

Putting prevention into practice poses many challenges and requires collaboration that transcends organisations and domains. We help clients find answers to issues such as financing prevention, implementing a prevention strategy and new ways of working, scaling impactful interventions, and defining the social and economic benefits of preventive activities.


Prevention strategy & implementation

We assist hospitals, long-term care organisations and trade associations in translating their vision and ambitions for prevention and health into an effective strategy and its implementation. Together with our clients, we explore choices on various themes such as making lifestyle a fixed part of treatment, using technology and monitoring, and strengthening the vitality of their own employees. We advise on difficult decisions, involve people and form a team that continues until results are achieved. Together we concretise the strategy into an operational approach and an action plan or project plan. In doing so, we pay attention to dealing with resistance, healthy business operations, culture & leadership, new collaborations, organisational structure and innovation in (healthcare) processes.

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Prevention programmes

Working together with a large group of stakeholders on a preventive topic: how do you approach this, start it up, finance it together? These are questions we have plenty of experience with. We help partnerships between healthcare, welfare and government organisations develop a multi-year prevention programme in 5 steps. It starts with substantiating the theme, e.g. reducing the prevalence of a condition or countering unequal health opportunities in a region. This is followed by developing a robust concept, creating an effective approach, organising financing and setting up ‘lean and mean’ programme organisation. Based on good examples, we help initiators on their way to a successful programme.

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Social business case & scaling-up strategy

Investments in prevention need to be justified with insight into its social costs, value creation and returns. We assist small and large organisations in healthcare and welfare to determine the economic and social benefits of interventions and preventive ways of working in a social business case or impact map. In doing so, we consider the input and effects for all stakeholders involved. We use methods such as social cost-benefit analysis (SCBA) and social return on investment (SROI). We also assist clients in developing a scaling-up strategy. Together, we set up a business model canvas and focus extensively on reaching target groups and expanding revenue models.

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We stand out with a strong vision, fresh perspective and a large network within the health and prevention landscape. With plenty of positive energy, we commit to initiatives that put prevention on the agenda of healthcare and welfare executives. For instance, we co-initiated the programme Diagnosis Nutrition & Health, focused on scaling up innovative and impactful social enterprises. Together with 250 experts, we wrote the book Goed Gevoed (Well Nourished) and presented five building blocks for a healthier Netherlands. We support the Fit4surgery Foundation in its mission to make prehabilitation (getting fitter for surgery) accessible to everyone. We are the co-founder and implementation partner of the national 2diabeat programme where, as part of the National Prevention Agreement, we work with partners to combat the rise of type 2 diabetes. And in 2022, we started a movement towards a new lunch culture in the Netherlands where a relaxed, social and vegetable-rich lunch is the norm.


“What if your gut tells you that the way we organize and give substance to care for young people with cancer (AYA) is paying off but you can’t prove it yet?”
– Dr. Eveliene Manten-Horst, Director AYA Care Network


“In the book Goed Gevoed, a valuable sample of experiences and insights from experts in business, science and government practice have been brought together. In addition, these insights have been translated into five building blocks on the way to a healthier and more vital Netherlands and practical interventions are provided. As far as I am concerned, it is compulsory reading for the dreamers, doers and thinkers who are committed to a healthier society.”
– Prof. dr. ir Jaap Seidell, Professor of Nutrition & Health, VU University Amsterdam


“BeBright advises Fit4Surgery Foundation on strategic, tactical and operational levels. BeBright has extensive knowledge of healthcare content, the healthcare system and network partners. Because of that expertise, they made a beautiful translation of the outcomes of Fit4Surgery for society, with beautiful illustrations and talking pictures that we still use today in conversations with all kinds of stakeholders.”
– Baukje van den Heuvel, Programmaleider Fit4Surgery