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The transformation challenges that lie ahead require major changes from organisations and their active partnerships. Implementing new working methods and realising strategic plans while staying operational is no easy task. After all, a strategy or plan is only as good as its execution. We help clients define their vision and strategy, then actually bring strategic plans to fruition. Our approach pays attention not just to the tip of the iceberg (strategy, structure and processes) but also everything that lies beneath (interests, culture and leadership), to ensure that implementations land well and are supported. Our project leaders are hands-on and bring change into practice together with stakeholders.


Strategy realisation & project portfolio

With a pragmatic approach, we assist our healthcare clients in realising their strategy. We help establish and manage sub-strategies, plans, milestones and success factors. We set up an effective and feasible project portfolio with the client, help prioritise activities and steer towards the desired results. Together we choose a suitable approach where we distinguish between project-based, methodical and short-cycle (agile) work.

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Subsidy for transformation

The government, insurers and other private and public organisations make subsidy funds available via various routes to accelerate the necessary transformation. We support our clients in finding the right subsidy opportunities and help organisations and partnerships apply for funds to achieve change.

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Hands-on project leaders

A vision and strategy are only as good as their underlying support and capacity for change. Our clients sometimes lack the manpower to implement the strategy and lasting change. We have a driven group of project leaders and interim managers who help clients bring plans to fruition. Our project leaders are hands-on, understand healthcare and adjacent domains, and have the project management and communication skills to achieve successful change. We are active from the executive level to the work floor, helping primary healthcare and the supporting HR, IT and staff processes to become future-proof. This way, it’s not just about vision and plans, but bringing change into practice together.

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Implementation of the Complete Home Package (Volledig Pakket Thuis, VPT)

In the movement towards Living at Home Longer, more and more long-term care organisations are choosing to offer their services through the Complete Home Package (Volledig Pakket Thuis, VPT). Not just the same old thing under a new name, but rather to make the service future-proof. We assist healthcare providers in implementing and scaling this, with financial profitability for the organisation and social impact going hand in hand. From shaping the service concept with the underlying vision and business case and creating a clear approach for implementation and scaling, to embedding the new way of working in the culture and processes. We support our clients as project leaders and programme managers, among other roles.

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We tailor our approach and methodology to the client. We strengthen the team with a fresh perspective, an outside-in combined with an inside-out approach, and extensive experience in implementation projects. With our help, inspiring words on paper come to life and lead to impact.