With an impact-filled innovative agenda, we can work together to build a robust socio-economic region.

Regional collaboration and ecosystems 


The vitality of a region is  essential for all who live and work there. There are growing numbers of initiatives taken to increase such vitality, also known as socio-economic strength.  For our clients, such as banks or healthcare and other insurers, opportunities open up as the vitality of inhabitants and 
organisations and thutheir own circle of clients increases. Where, however, there is a lack of cooperation, impact and sustainability many initiatives quickly disappear.  

Together with our clients, we ascertain where they can bring about social impact in their own region. We provide support for the formation of 
communities in which people and organisations work together to create a 
strong region.  Where, due to a shared ambition, regional cooperation and innovation have become permanent, the basis exists for making an impact. 

We are pioneers in  the realisation of regional  cooperative working arrangements. When it came to the RvN@ innovative-ecosystem, we were there from the word go. A combination of a strongly-underpinned and shared ambition, led  to concrete steps towards renewal and innovation. Our ability to bring about a balance between social norms, client value and financial value depended largely on understanding and mutual respect 


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