BeBright strengthens the socioeconomic power of regions with its regional scan and community building approach

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Public and private organizations benefit from a vital region

A vital society is of great importance. Vitality, or socioeconomic power, of a region comprises vitality in care & welfare, economy, housing and sustainability. Initiatives to make society and its citizens more vital are springing up everywhere. But many quickly disappear again due to lack of impact, sustainability or collaboration with existing initiatives.

Many public and private organizations want to contribute to strengthening the socioeconomic power of a society, but don’t always have the knowledge or experience to achieve impactful and sustainable results. For a bank or insurance company, for example, the vitality of the region and thus the vitality of its citizens – their customers – is important. For municipalities, meanwhile, a vital living environment for citizens is essential.

Co-creation is indispensable for solving social problems

To BeBright, working together towards a vital society is a core principle. Drawing on our vision, knowledge and experience, we help organizations to strengthen the socioeconomic power of their area. To achieve a sustainable result, knowledge of the socioeconomic domain in combination with a focused approach and collaboration with those around you are required. Collaboration among businesses, institutions and government bodies, but also with citizens. To us, co-creation is indispensable for solving social problems, because neither the market nor government can achieve this on its own.

And if you are a player in a complex system and you want to collaborate, then what would be an effective and sustainable approach? How do you turn a region into a community, a network, in which people are willing to work together towards a vital region? How can knowledge and experience be bundled to create innovations that will strengthen the socioeconomic power of regions?

BeBright strengthens the vitality of a region in four steps

BeBright helps its customers to jointly strengthen regions based on a regional scan that provides insight in the current state of vitality. The BeBright approach is based on four steps.

  1. A vitality scan provides a concrete and shared view of the current state of socioeconomic power of the region. Together with the customer and selected stakeholders, BeBright conducts a scan of relevant developments in four domains: economy, housing, care & welfare and sustainability.
  2. Effective realization of initiatives that strengthen the vitality requires co-creation and community building. BeBright provides guidance to create a community that jointly determines an ambition for the future in the domains of economy, housing, care and welfare and sustainability, and that creates the keys to success to achieve this ambition together.
  3. Joint responsibility leads to impactful and sustainable innovations. BeBright guides the process of creating desired, concrete innovations and projects that result in the strengthening of the socioeconomic power.
  4. Finally, evaluation contributes to continuous improvement. BeBright facilitates the measurement of social impact, the so-called Social Return on Investment, of initiatives that have been developed to contribute to the vitality of a region.

The BeBright approach ensures organizations gain insight in the vitality of the region and identify points of departure for a focused and joint effort to strengthen this vitality.

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