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The quality, affordability and accessibility of specialist medical care in the Netherlands are under pressure due to a growing and increasingly complex demand for care and rising costs. Other challenges include financial continuity, sustainable (regional) collaborations, digitalisation, attracting and retaining sufficient qualified personnel, and the movement towards appropriate care. The shift of care from secondary to primary is essential to achieve basic care close to home and specialised care further away. For us, specialist medical care involves more than just hospitals: it also includes independent treatment centres, branch/professional/scientific associations, health insurers and (regional) partnerships & networks.

We help our clients develop a supported vision and strategy based on clear analyses. In addition to acute, chronic and elective care, this involves transformation issues relating to digitalisation, business continuity and sustainable employability. We do this based on a clear vision, thorough knowledge of the sector and an iterative approach: a process of co-creation that not only makes ownership widely felt but is also concrete enough to guide the care of tomorrow, especially in areas where it is challenging for clients to achieve a breakthrough.


Strategy development

The sector is continuously evolving and challenges are mounting. It’s time for astute choices – but how do you make them correctly and carefully? Together with our clients, we develop a future-proof vision and strategy. We develop a supported long-term perspective, create insight and overview with clear analyses, advise on difficult decisions, involve people and form a team that continues until results are achieved. Together we concretise the vision and strategy into an operational approach and an action plan for innovation. Topics such as portfolio choices, healthy business operations, culture & leadership, new collaborations, organisational structure, and innovation & digitalisation are addressed. And where desired, we distinguish between a strategy concerning acute, chronic and elective care, or create sub-strategies based around innovation, digitalisation & IT, prevention, HR or real estate. We love getting our hands dirty and also ensure the successful realisation of plans in practice.

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Organisational design

We support clients in the design and management of specialist medical care within hospitals and between different healthcare organisations, such as collaboration between hospitals and independent treatment centres or collaboration between primary and secondary care. Think also of parts of an organisation, such as the outpatient clinic and acute department. We help optimisation within a division, department or cluster to promote operational and financial continuity and resilience.

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Strategic collaborations

To ensure the continuity of care, (regional) collaboration within and between organisations is essential. But collaboration is complex: it requires departments and organisations to look beyond their short-term self-interest. We help organisations find the right balance between their individual perspective and the collective social perspective. We pay attention not just to the tip of the iceberg (strategy, structure and organisation, data and processes, contracting) but also everything that lies beneath (the significance of culture, leadership, human perception, interpersonal relationships and trust).

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“BeBright has the people and approach to guide our organization to achieve a new digital direction in a refreshing, creative and collaborative way. They kept the momentum, responded to what was needed in the moment, and taught us in a quick and productive way to be part of the process and change ourselves.”
– Rianne Ruit, Albert Schweitzer ziekenhuis


“In 2025 the Dutch specialist medical care is the most innovative and the best quality care in the world.” “That is the ambition of the Federation of Medical Specialists stated in the visionary paper ‘Medical Specialist 2025’. The support of BeBright with creating this paper was very inspiring, professional and trustworthy”
– Dr. Huib Cense, Vice President Dutch Federation of Medical Specialists


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