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Over the next 20 years, our society will get older. This presents social opportunities and challenges. How will we live and work? How will we stay healthy and receive appropriate care and support? And how will we harness the strength of a growing group of older people?

We are co-initiators and drivers of the national movement Growing Older 2040 (Ouder Worden 2040). In this programme, we conduct a social dialogue about our ageing society using three scenarios. A dialogue based on these scenarios has resulted in shared awareness and a supported cross-sector transformation agenda. The publication Ouder Worden 2040 compiles the outcomes and insights from the first phase of this movement. De publicatie Ouder Worden 2040 bundelt de opbrengsten en inzichten van de eerste fase van deze beweging. And it provides direction for (regional) innovation, national (policy) renewal, and above all the national and executive dialogue on how we, as a society, want to deal with the challenges of an ageing society.



After more than a year of intensive collaboration, the Dutch Cancer Agenda became a reality at the end of 2023. This national cancer plan was established under the leadership of BeBright and through co-creation with more than 100 parties connected to cancer in the Netherlands, both within and outside healthcare. Collectively, we have worked on setting goals for the Dutch Cancer Agenda and starting a social movement. Not only the agenda itself but also the path to it is seen as a milestone for everyone involved in life before, with and after cancer.

The Dutch Cancer Collective – an initiative of the Dutch Cancer Society, the Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation and the Dutch Federation of Cancer Patient Organisations – has proven that uniting a fragmented field and a process of co-creation can yield great results.

innovatie advies


Rarely have social developments moved so fast. They create a constantly changing context in which new technology occupies a prominent place. The COVID-19 crisis has made us more aware of the potential of digital healthcare innovation. But where to start? And how do we accelerate the process of scaling up proven technological innovations?

Technology as an enabler for healthcare transformation: this is the starting point of Healthcare Enablers, an initiative of ours with cooperation from the National eHealth Living Lab. The free publication Healthcare Enablers has been published annually since 2017 and compiles the most important technological developments in healthcare in the Netherlands and abroad on the Healthcare Enablers platform. It provides knowledge about technological developments to strengthen and above all accelerate the innovation capacity of healthcare.

Search the Healthcare Enablers platform to find out which technology can support your organisation in healthcare transformation.

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“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” The relationship between our health and nutrition couldn’t be more simply expressed. In our modern society, however, it is considerably more complicated. In Goed Gevoed (Well Nourished), Irene Mommers and Michel van Schaik compile findings from the Diagnosis Nutrition & Health programme about the preventive role that nutrition can play in promoting a healthier Netherlands. They present findings from a journey made together with hundreds of entrepreneurs, managers, scientists, healthcare professionals and policymakers.

innovatie advies
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To ensure high-quality, accessible and affordable healthcare, transformation is required. Transformation is a fundamental change in the vision and working method of an organisation and is often irreversible. You create a new order, let go of the old and form new values, structures, ways of working and caring, culture and behaviour.

Diagnosis Transformation analyses successful and less successful healthcare transformations from practice and compiles insights, inspiration, examples, tools and methods. It forms a toolkit to support those who want to lead the transformation of our healthcare with knowledge and experience from trailblazers who have gone before them. See also the publication Diagnosis Transformation.

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Nutrition contributes to a vital and healthy life. It therefore deserves a prominent role in promoting health and preventing chronic conditions. This is the conviction of the parties who together started the national programme ‘Diagnosis Nutrition & Health’. In the programme, we initiate, support and accelerate innovations and initiatives with a significant social impact. We also facilitate social dialogue about nutrition and health and share knowledge and insights in this area, which are compiled in the publication Goed Gevoed: samen innoveren voor een gezonder Nederland (Well Nourished: innovating together for a healthier Netherlands).

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Diagnosis Healthcare Innovation


In Diagnose Healthcare Innovation, wedescribethe challenges for healthcare now and in the future. This publication focuses on strengthening and accelerating the innovation capacity of the Dutch healthcare sector, which is perhaps the biggest challenge that healthcare organisations face. Dat is misschien wel de grootste uitdaging waar zorgorganisaties voor staan. Diagnosis Healthcare Innovation explores innovations, entrepreneurship and technological applications in Dutch healthcare.



The housing market is in the public eye, and not always in a positive way. The market is uncertain and turbulence has increased significantly. A previously stable sector is now in the midst of a perfect storm. Besides providing tools for strategy formulation and innovation, the trends and scenarios from the Social Housing 2030 publication also provide the ingredients for dialogue about the future of the sector.

As the initiator of Social Housing 2030, we are always working on new insights and concrete projects to contribute to future-proof public housing. Based on the scenarios described, we provide guidance on ‘how’ to implement a social housing policy. Checking with the mission, vision and strategy plays an integral role, while greater decision-making power for residents is a prerequisite. We are actively involved in developing 40 municipal and regional living & care plans and our team contributes to implementing them.

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Together with thedutch Diabetes Fund (NDF) and using knowledge from Diagnosis 2025, in this publication we share developments and options for diabetes care in the Netherlands including 17 trends in Dutch diabetes care and their impact on the future of care. This forms the input for three future visions for diabetes care and prevention in 2025..



Diagnosis 2025 is a collective exploration of trends and developments in healthcare, developed in close collaboration with various parties active in healthcare and with close involvement from experts. Founded on extensive qualitative and quantitative research, Diagnosis 2025 outlines the future of healthcare in the Netherlands in three possible scenarios based on 17 relevant trends and developments.

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In 2005 Philip Idenburg from BeBright and
Sanny Zuiderveld wrote about the future of marketing and consumer behaviour with input from the scenario planning process they facilitated at Rabobank. Eye to the Future has since become a recognised concept in the world of scenario thinkers and the basis for our knowledge about consumers.