Transforming Healthcare 2030

transforming healtcare 2030

The healthcare sector is facing rising costs and an ageing population. As a result, the healthcare system and the organizations involved need to go through an inevitable transformation. Therefore, BeBright initiated the Diagnosis: a collaborative learning and innovation program.

Diagnosis 2025 about the future of healthcare went to print six times and is currently sold out. It is the bestselling Dutch healthcare management book. Its publication in 2010 led to Diagnosis Diabetes (2012) and Diagnosis Healthcare Innovation (2013). Given the latest technologies and changes, BeBright is now developing the international publication Transforming Healthcare 2030: an update of Diagnosis 2025 that focuses on healthcare in the Western world and how amongst others technological developments affect the care system and the organizations involved.

Transforming Healthcare 2030 consists of three parts: Need for change, Enablers of change and Solutions for change. In Need for change, we look at the most important trends and developments in the demand for healthcare in the Western world and paint a clear picture of the way in which this demand is changing. Next, Transforming Social Healthcare 2030 provides a deeper insight into Enablers for change: what technologies and innovations have an impactful effect and will fundamentally change the way in which we provide and receive healthcare?

Need and Enablers come together in the third and final part of the publication: Solutions for change. Here you will find a description of a new form of health management that fits the trends and developments identified in the two previous chapters. Here, the keywords are Personal, Predictive, Participative and Preventive.

Transforming Healthcare 2030 is a guideline for government bodies and (care) organizations that are dealing with a transforming organization. The publication also includes tools that make it possible to translate insights into a transformation agenda.

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