Vision development

visie ontwikkeling

A future-proof vision connects and provides direction and energy

The most successful organizations in the past 100 years have at least one thing in common: a clear vision and ambition. In times of change, a future-proof and guiding vision gives organizations, networks or sectors something to hold on to. A clear ambition provides a clear dot on the horizon, it connects and creates energy.

A future-proof vision does not comprise hollow phrases or slogans, but is a clear statement about the underlying values and ambitions of an organization, network or sector. And it presents a balanced view of the internal capacity, the future possibilities and the change capacity in relation to external developments.

BeBright combines inside-out with outside-in

BeBright believes that a clear vision is a precondition for creating a realistic and supported strategy and agenda for change. In order to develop a substantive and supported vision, a well-thought-out process is essential. Co-creation and collaborative learning are preconditions for support. When internal and external stakeholders are engaged in co-creation, interpreting the values and the higher goal, the result is a vision that is in essence supported internally as well as externally. Based on a thorough analysis of relevant trends and developments, the ambition for the future and qualities needed to achieve this are jointly mapped out.

Having current and extensive market knowledge in care, housing, financial services and government, and having developed a large number of futures studies, BeBright can provide substantive and valuable contributions to a vision development process.

What are the benefits of vision development in collaboration with BeBright?

  • A supported, inspiring and future-proof vision for organizations, sectors or networks
  • Translation of the vision to an agenda for change and a strategy
  • Starting points to bring the vision to life (for example in the area of HR, communication)
  • Specific attention and involvement of people (figureheads, trailblazers) who convey the vision and bring it to life

An example of vision development for a sector is our book publication Diagnose Zorginnovatie (2013) (in Dutch) the sequel to Diagnose 2025 (also in Dutch) which describes current and future challenges for healthcare.

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