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With a clear vision and a concrete strategy, you can face the future with confidence. A vision provides direction and support to people in organisations, networks and sectors. When things get tough, you know what you really stand for and strive for together. Our clients want to take control of the future and make good choices in uncertain times. A (partial) strategy clarifies choices and helps them to be agile and face challenges together. Transforming means implementing fundamental, irreversible changes in the vision and working methods of organisations. This is how we push boundaries in response to complex issues in our sectors. Our transformation programmes, such as Ouder Worden 2040, Diagnosis Transformation en and Diagnosis Nutrition & Health, provide us with the latest knowledge via thorough analysis and dialogue with the sector.


Vision development

Thinking about the future together gives direction to choices for today and aligns perspectives. We guide the development of organisational visions in terms of content and process, ensuring they provide not only direction but also trust and enthusiasm to build on together with all stakeholders. The foundation for this is a good understanding of changing needs and context, plus a balance between internal capacity for change and vision for future possibilities. We challenge with the latest trends and thorough, vivid analyses, in co-creation with people from inside and outside the organisation, with an eye for connecting values and the higher goal. This ensures that vision and ambition come to life and provide direction for everyone.

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Scenario planning

For organisations or networks that want to explore the longer term as a basis for strategic investments, we develop future scenarios that inspire with their content and form and challenge us to find new solutions in a complex world. Through the transformative scenario planning method, we explore alternative futures to help formulate new strategic options and make more astute choices for the medium term. This involves not just long-term exploration, but translating it into concrete options for the short and medium term and gaining support for the strategic course in a complex environment.

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Strategy development

The sector is continuously evolving and challenges are mounting. It’s time for astute choices. But how do you make them correctly and carefully? Together with our clients, we develop strategy. We advise on difficult decisions, involve people and form a team that continues until results are achieved. Together we concretise the strategy into an operational approach and an action plan for innovation. Topics such as portfolio choices, healthy business operations, culture & leadership, new collaborations, organisation structure and innovation in (healthcare) processes are addressed.

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Transformation programmes

We guide transformation (programmes) at various levels: national, regional and within organisations. Inspired by success stories from our publication [Diagnose Transformatie], we work based on our ecosystem approach. This means an open dialogue and joint learning process, resulting in impactful innovations and interventions, which can quickly be scaled up to new insights and partnerships. Themes such as leadership, business models, joint ambitions, culture and behaviour are included here. In this process, we focus not only on learning and innovating but also on where old methods and beliefs stand in the way of transformation. We work in phases to start a sustainable movement and connect with what is already in motion and where we can use successful examples from within and outside the organisation.

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Vision, strategy or transformation: fundamentally, we believe in developing and achieving together. We help clients with refreshing insights and a process that results in a renewed and supported course in a complex world. By involving people from inside and outside the organisation, we create energy to act and connect with the everyday – after all, that’s where real innovation happens.