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Organisations are continually adapting to complex, changing circumstances. This is a big challenge in particular for organisations in the social sphere. That’s where people who open up new horizons, courageous leaders and teams are needed. People whose shared vision means they can take advantage of changes and improve the achievements of their organisation.

This requires the creation of a new reality, mobilising energies, learning new behaviour and letting go of old patterns, convictions and ways of doing things. How successful at this an organisation is, reveals whether it is able to take advantage of the changing context.

Those who open up new horizons are individuals with the courage to explore and expand their own boundaries as well as those of their team and the organisation as a whole.

Our approach

We help clients expand their horizons. Leadership and the growth of staff is essential if we wish to bridge the gap between the organisation, business and the people side of things. We supervise and train those who open up new horizons with the following:

  • Leadership programs such as the Programma Klinisch Leiderschap 
    [Clinical Leadership Program]. This program is directed at medical specialists who want to use their role to contribute towards the renewal of healthcare and innovation in the clinical process.
  • Change programs and cultural programs directed at realising behavioural change and transformation, including reinforcing the culture of innovation and competencies.
  • The development of talent, teams and coaching for teams, managers and professionals supporting them with knowledge and developing competence as critical success factors for strategy and innovation programs.

The Bright way

We focus in on the development and growth of people who open up new horizons – as individuals, as people in a team, in an organisation or crossing organisational boundaries. In this way, we create ecosystems so that together we can bring about a successful transformation and a social breakthrough.

Using tried and tested methods, we work on human capital making it ready for the future. Our advisers and coaches use assessment tools to achieve this and gain insight into motives, aspects to do with personality, behaviour, team achievements and dynamics, or the way in which individuals contribute to the growth of an organisation. Amongst others, we use:

  • Management Drives
  • NEO-PI-R
  • MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®)
  • ACT Cube
  • AEM Cube (Human Insights)

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