Our mission is to support leaders in both private and public sectors because we know that is the only way to provide healthy and sustainable nutrition for everyone, everywhere!

Nutrition & prevention  

Nutrition and prevention are high up the agenda of producers, retailers, institutions including healthcare institutions, government, regional
cooperative working arrangements and lobby groups. And quite right too!
There is much to gain from having a clear vision to encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle, to create a healthy environment in which to produce food and to stimulate regional economies. This requires innovation and parties working together.  

Within the nutrition and prevention landscape we help clients in determining and taking on a futureproof role. Nutrition, prevention and innovation are important themes that enrich vision and strategy. Within regions we direct programs that set up regional food systems and provide an agenda for prevention. In this way we stimulate regional health and the local economy. 

As the initiator of Diagnose Voeding & Gezondheid [Diagnosis Nutrition & Health] our vision is strong, our view is a fresh one and we have built an
network. We speed up social innovation and drive on the social
debate. We put people in touch with one another from both within and outside organisations and create mutual understanding and respect.  



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